Italian Helichrysum essential oil

Italian Helichrysum essential oil

A perennial plant from around the Mediterranean, it loves the sun and the sea air, and its crumpling gives off the scent of curry. Its small, golden-yellow, airy and light flowers dry out but do not fade: it is "immortal". Although there are many species of Helichrysum, today only Helichrysum italicum offers such a noble and precious essential oil. Harvested just before flowering, it concentrates all its subtlety.

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Botanists present the Asteraceae as one of the most advanced families in the plant kingdom. Their essential oil is a major confirmation! This plant with yellow flowers is found all around the Mediterranean. It is composed of esters, diones (molecules related to ketones), sesquiterpenes, monoterpenols, oxides, etc. The proportion of diones (ideally around 10%) and esters must be significant. Depending on the batches available, we propose either a Corsican origin or - just off the island's eastern coast - an Italian origin, both of which guarantee an optimal balance of constituents.

Property that distinguishes it from all others: Immortelle essential oil is anticoagulant. It is remarkably effective on haematomas ("bruises"), even old and internal ones. Any treatment of varicose veins and heavy legs includes helichrysum in its composition. The same applies to any treatment of couperose. Because of its high ester content, helichrysum is also antispasmodic.

The aroma is sweet, lively and intense. Immortelle essential oil has an intense psychological effect, capable of stimulating intuition, imagination and creativity, and inspiring dreams and musings. Comforting and airy, it can be said to soothe the "blues of the soul". Immortal, it is certainly so despite its appearance of fragility.

The following summary is given for information purposes: it is a synthesis of the properties described in recognised aromatherapy books and/or in accordance with ancestral and popular traditions. The properties* presented are taken from the book 'Aromathérapie Corps et Ame' by André Bitsas, published by Amyris. It is in no way a medical information or a list of indications.

Emotional impact
Develop an emotional balance,  Promote intuition, inspiration, creativity,  Promoting dreams and dreaming
Olfactory notes
Skin type
Sensitive skin,  Wrinkles & fine lines
Slow cosmétique label
Bumps and bruises,  heavy legs