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Herbal powders

Organic chamomile powder 100g

With its honeyed scent, this powder revives the light of blond hair and reinforces the golden highlights. It helps to soothe the scalp and regulate excess sebum. It is also known to add shine to white hair. It is the perfect hair powder for light, blond and white hair!

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  • Botanical name: Matricaria chamomilla
  • Botanical family: Asteraceae
  • Part of the plant used: flowers
  • Plants grown in organic agriculture in France or Germany and harvested by hand
  • Quality : food
  • Best before date : 3 years
  • Granulometry : <300 microns="" p="">
  • Packaging : 100g powder bag

With its delicious scent reminiscent of honey and apple, chamomile flower powder is derived from the very fine grinding of chamomile flowers. This major medicinal plant also provides us with its virtues for the beauty of blond, light and white hair!

Chamomile powder is known to enhance the honeyed highlights of blonde hair and bring light to the hair. It is also used in the care of white hair, to bring shine. In addition, chamomile powder will provide soothing effects to the scalp.

How to use it for natural hair beauty?

  • as a hair mask for light hair, combined with other plant powders or clay
  • as a hair dye, combined with henna or dye powders
  • as a rinsing lotion for blond, light and white hair, after aqueous maceration
  • in a hair care oil, after making an oily macerate
  • caution for people with allergies to the Asteraceae family
  • Chamomile powder is very fine and volatile, we advise you to protect your respiratory tract when using it by wearing goggles and a protective mask for the nose and mouth
  • keep out of reach of children

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