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    Organic marshmallow root powder 100g

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    Very rich in mucilage, marshmallow is a real natural detangler that coats and beautifies all hair types.

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    Botanical name: Altahea officinalis Botanical family: Malvaceae Part of the plant used: roots Plants grown organically in France, Spain or Bulgaria Grain size: 0.3-0.5mm Storage: 3 and a half years in a dark and dry place Packaging: 100g powder bag Presentation Made from the very fine grinding of marshmallow roots, this powder is very rich in mucilage, tannins and flavonoids which give it softening, emollient and soothing properties. It is an essential natural care product for the beauty of the hair and skin. Natural hair beauty Thanks to its high mucilage content, marshmallow powder is an excellent natural detangler for the hair. It is ideal for making plant-based conditioners. Used as a hair mask with other plant powders, it coats the hair, adds shine and soothes sensitive or irritated scalps. How to use it for hair? - as a natural conditioner or detangler, combined with other plant powders - in a paste shampoo recipe, with rhassoul, clays or other plant powders - as a hair beauty lotion after aqueous maceration - as a hair serum, combined with aloe vera gel and a vegetable oil Natural beauty of the skin The richness of tannins and flavonoids in marshmallow powder makes it an excellent ally for anti-ageing and anti-fatigue skin care. Its richness in mucilage will also work wonders to soothe sensitive skin or even in a repairing and calming after-sun treatment. How to use it for the skin? - in a face mask, by forming a paste with water, clays and/or plant powders -in a soothing, regenerating or after-sun cosmetic treatment, incorporated in an aqueous phase in your formula after having carried out an aqueous maceration of the powder Find recipe ideas here! Precautions for use - Avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water - like all cosmetic products, keep out of reach of children - no internal use

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