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    Nebulising diffuser

    A Bioflore exclusive. Wooden nebulizing diffuser ANNA. For pleasantly diffusing essential oils and taking better advantage of their physiological effects through the respiratory interface.

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    Wooden nebulizing diffuser ANNA. Features: Height: 13.5 cm - Width 12 cm. Supplied with a USB cable and instructions in English and French. Contains no essential oil and no electrical plug. With on/off switch and possibility to modulate the nebulization power. Excellent noise control. This aesthetic and practical diffuser is recommended for an area of 40 to 100 m2. It works in cycles of 2 minutes on and 1 minute off for 2 hours. We recommend the use of our nebulizer cleaning liquid as the only regular maintenance. Warranty: one year under normal conditions of use. Our opinion Nebulization using the Venturi principle: air pump + glassware... It remains the best choice when you are looking for three characteristics: • to diffuse without any heat input, • to obtain a maximum concentration of active ingredients in a very short time, • diffuse essential oils "as is", not bound to anything else: water, alcohol, etc. • Only restriction: do not use EO with a high viscosity, such as myrrh, sandalwood or vetiver... Be sure to maintain the glassware from time to time: put a little diffuser cleaner in place of the essential oil and diffuse for a few minutes. It is also possible to pour in a little acetone: let this solvent dissolve the resinated EO and throw it away after the necessary time. Finish cleaning and drying the glassware.