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Organic virgin Macadamia oil

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organic virgin macadamia oil Nourishing, healing and protective, it penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy film. Used in massage, it is recognised as a good treatment for stretch marks.

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Macadamia integrifolia Product from organic farming, inspection BE-BIO-01 Macadamia oil - Macadamia integrifolia - originates from Australia or more recently Kenya and is comparable to sweet almond oil. It is specifically suitable for fragile and sensitive skin. It is an excellent choice if you are planning irregular applications, as it has a long shelf life. It is recommended for the treatment of stretch marks, scars, cracks and chapping. It protects the skin before any exposure to the sun. Very well absorbed, it is suitable for mixed to oily skin. When massaged, it is very penetrating and leaves no greasy feeling. It is a perfect accompaniment to essential oils that are active on microcirculation and lymphatic tonus. Because of its repairing power and its action on microcirculation, it can also be used as a hair mask. Use For mature skin care: nourishing while being very penetrating. Use it for its regenerative properties, for applications similar to those of rose hip, hemp or rose hip: scars, cracks, stretch marks... Due to its action on the circulation, it is the basis for the creation of oleo-aromatic synergies with phlebotonic and lymphotonic virtues.

Skin type
Dry skin
Normal skin
Oily skin
Sensitive skin
mixed skin
Face concerns
sensitivities & redness
Nourish, repair, add shine
Stretch marks



Nutritive repairing care for dry ends


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