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    5 roll-on bottles 30 ml

    Set of 5 small white glass bottles with 30 ml plastic ballpoint applicator. Reusable and perfect for your liquid mixtures with or without essential oils.

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    This bottle with applicator is perfect for making dilutions of essential oils in vegetable oil: - when it is necessary to act on a very targeted part of the skin (e.g. tea tree 10% in jojoba oil in the case of acne) - when you want to make an oleo-pharmaceutical to exploit the psycho-emotional virtues of the EOs. TIPS : Strong personalities, such as rose, jasmine, vetiver, spikenard, Roman chamomile and helichrysum, when used with subtle intent, are all the more effective because they remain discreet. Their share of the total is generally between 3 and 5%. The oleo perfume is applied to the inside of the wrists, the neck, the solar plexus... always in small touches. Choose the oil base which could be: organic hazelnut for its fineness organic sweet almond if your skin is sensitive organic apricot for its smoothness organic jojoba, which can be kept for a long time... You can protect your oleo perfume from going rancid by adding vitamin E (tocopherol): 1 drop for 10 ml, 2 drops for 30 ml. FUNCTIONING : Fill the bottle, insert the two elements of the ball mechanism, close. Simple!