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    Essential Oils

    Essential Oils storage box compact format

    Compact in size, it can hold 30 bottles of essential oils! When open, you have a complete view of its contents. The sliding walls give you easy access to the bottle of your choice.

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    A Bioflore exclusive

    An ergonomic tool: conforming to aromatherapy standards and user requirements

    • Vertical storage in any configuration
    • Instantly readable labels
    • In the extended position: instant display of all your references
    • When closed: a compact volume

    Box in varnished northern wood, with 30 storage cells closed on one side by sliding walls in transparent polystyrene.

    The 30 cells ensure that the bottles are perfectly protected, even during transport. The aromatherapy cabinet is suitable for storing 5, 10 and 15 ml bottles.

    Gold-plated metal hinges and locks.

    Dimensions in closed position: 232 x 178 x 40 mm. 

    Empty weight: 860 grams.