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    Organic Juniper Hydrosol

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    Organic juniper hydrosol soothes, regulates and purifies oily skin and hair. Known for its "light legs" action, it is also renowned for its draining action and for fighting cellulite. Detoxifying and diuretic, it also accompanies detox cures and helps to recover energy.

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    To rid the body of its waste, literally and figuratively. To purify it in order to be able to act again, in accordance with our deepest nature, with our childhood dreams.

    • Part used  aerial part
    • Juniperus communis
    • Hydrosol from controlled organic agriculture: control BE-BIO-01.
    • Origin: France.
    • Quality: food
    • Like all Bioflore hydrosols, this product contains no preservatives and has simply been micro-filtered.
    • Grade 1 hydrosol: 1 kg of plant for 1 litre of hydrosol.
    • The smell is pleasant and very noticeable.
    • The "grade 1" quality allows for a longer shelf life.

    As a face and body toner: suitable for heavy, rather oily skin that tends to retain water.

    You can use it as a base for a hair lotion suitable for oily hair and dandruff.

    Can also be used internally, incorporated into drinking water: ideal for people who are sensitive to inflammation and rheumatism and who have excess uric acid.
    In association with sage hydrosol: draining, slimming, circulatory and lymphatic stimulating drink.

    Also with the idea of "resetting the counter", juniper is recommended for therapists who wish to remain impervious to any external influence. In this case, a convenient way to use it is to connect the misting pump to it and impregnate the air with its purifying fragrance. Internal use: 1 to 2 tablespoons in 1 litre of water.

    Aluminium outer casing, food-grade resin interior, Bisphenol A-free (no impact from UV radiation, better thermal insulation) and optimal CO2 balance (lightweight and reusable).

    Skin type
    Oily skin
    blemished skin
    Face concerns
    Prevent dandruff
    Slimness & firmness
    Slow cosmétique label