Rose Otto

Rose Otto

A symbol of love and rebirth, present in all cultures since antiquity, this flower occupies a special place in the hearts and lives of people. Its intoxicating scent is sought after in perfumery and the low extraction yield of its essential oil makes it particularly precious. It seduces us with its ample, floral and powerful fragrance.

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Rose Otto essential oil is composed of a large quantity of monoterpenols, with citronellol and geraniol in the lead - it is rich in more than 200 components, the vast majority of which are found in trace amounts.

In aesthetic aromatherapy, it is a remarkable skin tonic, astringent, anti-wrinkle, anti-couperose, and stimulant for dull and tired skin.

The aroma that emerges is tenacious, floral, deep, the quintessence of the flower from which it comes. This EO soothes the nervous system, calms the confused and overheated mind. It is well suited to emotional shocks following intense events, happy or unhappy. The rose is, with the jasmine, the most complete illustration of floral identity. It will help an inward-looking individual, lacking confidence in his or her own resources, to reveal his or her own charisma and to exist fully.

This summary is given for information purposes: it is a synthesis of the properties described in recognised aromatherapy books and/or in accordance with ancestral and popular traditions. The properties presented are taken from the book ‘Aromathérapie Corps et Ame’ by André Bitsas, published by Amyris. It is in no way a medical information or a list of indications. 

Emotional impact
To recover from a state of shock
Olfactory notes
Skin type
Dry skin,  Normal skin,  Oily skin,  Sensitive skin,  Wrinkles & fine lines,  blemished skin,  mixed skin
Slow cosmétique label
Stress,  relax