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    Les Huiles Essentielles Corses

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    By Christian Escriva, to discover the marvellous universe of aromatic plants distilled in Corsica but also their therapeutic properties.

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    Les Huiles Essentielles Corses by Christian Escriva This book describes the main wild or cultivated aromatic plants present in Corsica. It is the result of the author's personal research, as well as teaching and seminars held in Corsica over the last fifteen years. It is intended for those interested in the exceptional flora of the Isle of Beauty. The species mentioned are first of all those which are distilled in Corsica for their essential oil: immortelle (murza), myrtle (morta), rosemary (rosumarinu), laricio pine (lariciu), dwarf juniper (astratella), pistachio tree (listincu), fennel (finochju), sea fennel (baschichja)... Some aromatic plants which are not distilled in Corsica, but which are famous, are also mentioned: Corsican thyme (erba barona), common oregano (carnepula), pennyroyal (puleghju)... The Corsican names of the plants are those that are most commonly used on the island because the names vary according to the regions, micro-regions and even villages! Each plant is presented in its natural environment and situated in its botanical family. The aroma of its essential oil is described from fine observations based on olfaction. This sheds light on the therapeutic uses known to modern aromatherapy, but traditional uses as known to traditional Corsican phytotherapy are also discussed. Some important essential oils for contemporary aromatherapy (ravintsara, lavender, tea tree, compact oregano etc.) are briefly discussed. A very detailed therapeutic index involving mainly Corsican plants (essential oils, hydrolats, solar macerations) and other important extracts (plant alcoholatures, bud extracts) completes this book. With its beautiful photos, this book is a wonderful olfactory journey through the Island of Beauty - it is of interest to botanists, producers of medicinal plants or essential oils, doctors, pharmacists, therapists, not forgetting the passionate amateurs of essential oils. Our opinion Aromatherapy as we like it, analysed and understood in the broadest perspective.