Inhalateur de poche
    Inhalateur de poche
    Inhalateur de poche
    Inhalateur de poche
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    Pocket inhaler

    With its mini and practical format, the pocket inhaler can easily accompany you throughout the winter to help you breathe better but also in case of fatigue, stress, motion sickness or if you just need a little boost or motivation!

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    Discover the Bioflore pocket inhaler! We opted for a reusable aluminium inhaler with a cotton wick that can be changed after use. Need spare wicks for your inhaler? Buy some HERE Instructions for use - Choose the essential oil of your choice. - Unscrew the inhaler, fill the glass bottle, insert the cotton wick and close it. - Hold it to your nose and breathe. Included in the box - 1 black inhaler, 9 cm high and 1.5 cm in diameter - 1 glass bottle of 5 ml - 1 cotton wick