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    Vegetal oils

    Organic rice bran oil CO2 extract

    Known for its anti-oxidant properties and its stimulating benefits for microcirculation, rice bran oil will find its place in anti-ageing and decongesting cosmetic preparations for the eye area.

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    Oryza sativa

    • oil extracted by CO2: extraction by CO2 is very productive without using any solvent
    • from controlled organic farming: inspection BE-BIO-01
    • Origin : EU 
    • Part used : Rice

    The rice bran oil we offer is of organic quality and has been obtained by CO2 extraction.

    In this same section dedicated to vegetable oils, you will discover that our Sea Buckthorn oil has been obtained in the same way. The CO2 extraction technique is a clean technique and allows us to obtain oils that are particularly rich in active ingredients. So you can use less of it. This concentration of active ingredients makes it solid at room temperature.

    The presentation in an airtight glass jar makes it easier to take samples and eliminates the need to heat it. It contains gamma-oryzanol, enzymes, phytosterols, ferulic acid, vitamin E, minerals, enzymes such as co-enzyme Q10.

    Two properties in cosmetic use are particularly noteworthy:

    • It is a powerful antioxidant that will protect the skin from ageing and external aggressions.
    • It stimulates microcirculation: it is the perfect oil for dark circles, crow's feet and bags under the eyes.

    For either indication, remember to use it in small quantities and always diluted (with other vegetable oils, vegetable butters or in a cream).

    Its slightly buttery appearance is misleading: it has little odour and penetrates very quickly without leaving a greasy sensation.

    To help decongest the skin, you will have prepared the skin with immortelle hydrosol (helichrysum) or witch hazel hydrosol.

    It will naturally find its place in anti-ageing and decongesting cosmetic preparations for the eye area. In addition to its own action, you will notice that it thickens and stabilises emulsions.

    Very active oil, use preferably diluted in your cosmetic preparations.

    Skin type
    Dry skin
    Sensitive skin
    Wrinkles & fine lines
    Face concerns
    Dark circles & Under eye bags
    Loss of firmness
    Radiance & Brightening of the complexion
    Wrinkles & Fine Lines
    sensitivities & redness
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