How to use bud macerates

How to use bud macerates

Use and protocols of gemmotherapy

Bioflore has launched a new range of products: organic bud macerates, also known as gemmotherapy.

So what are they? How are they made? How do you use them on a daily basis? I'll tell you all about it straight away, so you can get to grips with these little treasures of nature!

By Marion Pezard, naturopath and creator of the Healthy Living podcast

What is a bud macerate?

First of all, a bud macerate is a form of plant extraction used for various health purposes.

The principle is simple: whereas in herbal teas or mother tinctures we sometimes use the leaves, flowers, seeds or bark, in gemmotherapy we use only the buds or young shoots of a plant.

Gemmotherapy is based on the principle that the plant's benefits are increased tenfold when the tree is putting all its energy into producing a bud, a flower and then a fruit, thus ensuring its reproduction. This seems to be the ideal time to extract all the active ingredients from a plant, but also the energetic and stimulating side of this quintessential energy, vitality and renewal captured in the buds.

Once the buds have been harvested, they are left to macerate in a base of alcohol, water and glycerine in order to effectively extract their active ingredients.

The particular advantage of buds is that they often work on the root cause of a problem as well as its consequences. This is the case, for example, with Fig buds, which not only soothe stomach pains and heartburn, but also relieve the stress that causes them.

I'll have more to say about this exceptional plant later.

How should bud macerates be taken?

Dosage and frequent doses

Most of the time, you take small drops of bud macerate in a glass of water before or after meals. The basic dose is 10 to 15 drops a day for an adult, but it's obviously worthwhile tailoring the advice to your individual needs by talking to your natural health practitioner.

I'd now like to take you through a few themed protocols to help you become more independent in your use of bud macerates.

Do you suffer from insomnia?

Then you can turn to the Bonne nuit synergy, which contains a silver linden bud macerate with a calming and soothing action on stress in particular, caused by our own ruminations. This synergy helps you fall asleep quickly and get a good night's sleep. The synergy can be used in children over the age of 3, by adapting the doses and asking your natural health professional for advice.

Do you suffer from digestive problems?

The subject of digestive problems is a broad one, and it's important to understand what's causing the problem. Do you suffer from stomach problems? Liver problems? An intestinal imbalance?

Once you've identified the cause, you can use Fig bud macerate, for example, which is very useful for gastric and intestinal health. It relieves acid reflux and also soothes the stress that is the main cause.

If, on the other hand, the problem tends to be with the liver, you can use Rosemary buds in addition to your hot water bottle and lemon infusions, as these have the advantage of supporting the normal functioning of the liver (and not detoxifying it - these are two different mechanisms).

Need to boost your immunity?

Blackcurrant buds are your go-to remedy for weakened immunity and lengthy winter illnesses! Whether for adults or children, it's an easy-to-use aid that will support immunity and help get rid of winter ailments.

Blackcurrant buds also have an action on stress and cortisol, which is very useful because stress tends to confuse the immune system. Here too, we are working on a disorder and one of its causes in a holistic way.

Are you suffering from stress?

If you're going through a stressful period, two of the buds mentioned above may be useful: Lime blossom, which is better suited to ruminations, internal stress and sleep disorders, can be found in the Serenity Complex, while Fig tree bud macerate is better suited to pressure and external stress that affect the digestive system.

If the stress is prolonged and comes a little closer to overwork and burn-out, then Blackcurrant buds will be a real ally in supporting cortisol production and preventing the stock naturally present in the adrenals from running out.

Do you suffer from circulatory problems?

Several bud macerates are useful in cases of circulatory problems such as heavy legs, venous return problems, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, etc. They can be taken alone or in synergy for a tenfold effect.

My favourites include Horse Chestnut, Red Vine, Speckled Alder, Chestnut and, in combination, Hawthorn for heart problems.

Looking for an antioxidant and toning effect?

If the stress mentioned above tends to exhaust you, then Rosemary buds are for you!

They have both an invigorating and antioxidant effect, which is highly appreciated.

For men, it can also be combined with Oak and Blackcurrant buds to optimise sperm quality as part of a fertility project.

Precautions for use

  • This advice is formulated for adults in good health, with no specific pathology.
  • A dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, ask your healthcare professional for advice.
  • For children, ask your health professional for advice.
  • Always follow the recommended dosage.

All these buds are presented here one by one, but if you sharpen your knowledge or get some help, you'll be able to combine them to meet your own specific needs.

So now you have a few new tips in your toolbox for taking care of yourself naturally all year round!

Are you ready to adopt bud macerates?

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