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    Pour une cosmétique intelligente

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    Dominique Baudoux shares her expertise on the contribution of essential oils in the field of dermocosmetics.

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    19,5 x 22 cm - 208 pages - 28,50 euros - EAN : 978-2-9303-5382-1 Faithful to the passion that nourishes and drives him every day, Dominique Baudoux, through this book, gives us his expertise on the contributions of essential oils in the field of dermocosmetics. The "exclusive" advantage of essential oils is their affinity for the skin tissue, which they adopt, penetrate and penetrate beyond to act at the deepest level of the body. From there, it is obvious: chemotyped essential oils are the assets of an intelligent dermocosmetic acting on the structure of the skin, but even more so, on the often deeper origin of the problem - the skin, this key organ, is indeed the mirror of our holistic balance. Our opinion A very good book that reveals an interesting evolution of this author towards a holistically understood aromatherapy, which we have always been in favour of. It is a pity that the method does not consider the use of hydrolats, whose cosmetic vocation is nevertheless essential. Our SynerFluid recipes, although specific, respond to the same analysis.