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    Organic ravintsara essential oil

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    It gives off a green, warm and penetrating aroma, immediately transporting us to Madagascar. It might remind us of the aroma of Eucalyptus radiata but the similarity ends there. Extracted from the leaves of the camphor tree on this wonderful island, it has a very specific identity that makes it a major essential oil in aromatherapy.

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    Quality This Asian camphor tree was transplanted to Madagascar and has since given us a specific and major essential oil in aromatherapy. Botanical family: Lauraceae Latin name: Cinnamomum camphora CT 1.8 cineole Other names: Cinnamomum camphora cineoliferum Origin: Madagascar Cultivation: Controlled organic agriculture - Certisys-BE1 control Part used: leaf Production process: Steam distillation Quality: 100% pure, natural, integral and chemotyped - Food grade Olfactory notes: kinetic, green, warm, penetrating Main constituents Oxides: 1.8 cineole (55%) Monoterpenes: sabinene, pinene, paracymene Monoterpenols: terpineol, linalool Esters: terpenyl acetate, linalyl acetate Sesquiterpenes Our opinion Its success is summed up in two words: it stimulates our self-healing capacities and our potential for action in a gentle way, without seeming to touch it. Only mature trees give the best possible essential oil. We see to that. From time to time, alternate with other essential oils that play in the same category, such as cajeput, niaouli or mastic thyme. Precautions for use Food supplement. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose (2 drops twice a day, maximum 160 mg). Not a substitute for a varied diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women or children under 6 years of age. Very well tolerated: no significant risk at physiological doses. Avoid contact with the eyes. Store away from heat and light.

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