Officinal Sage

Officinal Sage

Sage officinale is a perennial sub-shrub from the Mediterranean coast, which grows on dry, stony and sunny ground. Its oval, grey-green leaves are rough but more velvety on their lower part. This plant, "saving" according to its Latin etymology, has been used since antiquity. It decorates gardens with its blue-violet flowers. Its essential oil has herbaceous, slightly resinous and tonic fragrances.

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The essential oil produced by sage is rich in ketones. Only external use is permitted, unless expert advice is given.

Sage essential oil is lipolytic (dissolves fat) and tones the blood circulation. It heals, tones the skin and gums. It is oestrogen-like. It regulates excessive sweating. It is active against viruses with skin tropism.

The aroma of sage EO is sweet, penetrating and heady. The plant itself is "saving" according to its Latin etymology. Its strong presence requires it to be used with care. For women, it allows them to go through the trials of life with confidence.

The following summary is given for information purposes: it is a synthesis of the properties described in recognised aromatherapy books and/or in accordance with ancestral and popular traditions. The properties* presented are taken from the book ‘Aromathérapie Corps et Ame’ by André Bitsas, published by Amyris. It is in no way a medical information or a list of indications.

Emotional impact
Be supported during a difficult passage,  Develop a capacity for detachment,  Fighting a failing resolution
Olfactory notes
Slow cosmétique label
Hot flushes,  painful periods