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    Organic cinnamon hydrosol

    Warm and spicy, this hydrosol energises and stimulates the immune system.

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    Part used : bark

    Cinnamomum zeylanicum or verum, o.p. bark Hydrosol from controlled organic agriculture: control BE-BIO-01 Average pH 3.5 Characteristic odour without the intensity of the EO Very stable: up to two years Origin: Madagascar Cinnamic aldehyde and eugenol, characteristic of cinnamon bark, are water-soluble and therefore well represented in the hydrosol. In cosmetics, the hydrosol is purifying and firming. It is perfectly suited to mature skin lacking vitality, one could say: "joie de vivre". The anti-oxidant action of eugenol will be highly appreciated, whereas the use of cinnamon and clove essential oils is much more delicate in the aesthetic field. In emulsions, cinnamon hydrosol, in addition to its properties, brings a warm and greedy aromatic note. Internally, you will find, in a much less aggressive form, all the immunostimulant, tonic and aphrodisiac capacity of cinnamon. In all respects, its action of regulation of digestion, in particular at the intestinal level, will be appreciated. In the event of chronic immune weakness, associations with strong thyme and savory hydrosols, in particular, are obvious. To reinforce its action, consider combining it with Bioflore's “Grog Aromatique”. Instead of water alone, use 50% water and 50% hydrosol. In culinary aromas, a little hydrosol will give character to your coffee or tea. The combination with citrus fruits is perfect: it will enhance your fruit salad wonderfully.

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