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    Jasmine Roll-On

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    "Others may feel a certain coldness towards me, rigidity, bitterness, in short, brakes and blocks of all kinds. I have too many masks and my lack of charisma is obvious". Dilution (3 %) in virgin cold-pressed organic jojoba oil * Presented in a 10 ml roll-on bottle for skin use.

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    • Botanical family Oleaceae
    • Latin name: Jasminum grandiflorum
    • Absolute essence extracted from the flower using volatile solvents

    From controlled organic agriculture: Certisys-BE control

    One of the few absolute essences used in aromatherapy. Native to Persia and Kashmir, jasmine is known in India as the "Queen of the Night" because its scent is fragrant as soon as the sun goes down. Jasmine essence consists mainly of esters and monoterpenols.

    This absolute is not made with benzene but with sweet alcohol. Properties See the sheet on 100% essential oil (below).

    The aroma of jasmine is intensely floral, persistent, warm and tea-like. It is obviously through olfaction that jasmine reveals all its interest. This essence is a remarkable emotional regulator, capable of generating feelings of confidence, optimism and warmth. Stress and sadness give way to the ability to open up to others.

    Jasmine is a floral identity par excellence. It instils joy, confidence, radiance and charisma. The smell (and therefore the chemical composition) of jasmine is complex. It is both yin and yang. In perfumery, it expresses top, middle and bottom notes. It penetrates to the depths of the soul and generates an uncommon quality of presence and awareness, where analytical ability and intuition are never mutually exclusive. The very image of an accomplished being. 

    Pass the ball applicator over the inside of the wrists, rub the wrists together, bring them up to the level of the nostrils and breathe in the aroma several times.

    Later on, you can apply it to other entry points: hollows of the elbows, solar plexus, neck and nape of the neck, soles of the feet.

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