The power of olfactotherapy

Olfactotherapy, or more precisely aromachology in the case of essential oils, represents the influence of aromas and scents on our emotions and behaviour.

At Bioflore, in the continuity of the work of our founder, André Bitsas, we are committed to offering synergies of essential oils that combine the scientific and biochemical approach with their actions on the psycho-emotional level.

The roll-on allows you to easily benefit from the advantages of olfactotherapy thanks to an active synergy of essential oils in an organic sesame oil base. This makes it easy to use directly on the wrists, the solar plexus and the arch of the foot. On the wrists, we breathe in the full scent of the synergy, in consciousness, to experience all its benefits.

How does olfactotherapy work?

The fragrant molecules released by essential oils reach sensory receptors in our nasal cavity.

These molecules carry a message through different agents that follow each other on their way: olfactory nerve receptors, to the limbic brain, hypothalamus and thalamus. The limbic brain is the seat of our emotions, memory and odour perception.

This is where we register a smell as pleasant or unpleasant to our nose. It is also the place where our emotional and instinctive reactions are translated into physiological responses.

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