Living well with your emotions with essential oils

Living well with your emotions with essential oils

Essential oils, through the mechanism of olfaction, can act on our emotions and provide us with their benefits on the psycho-emotional sphere. The odours of essential oils, their aromatic molecules, have an action on our limbic brain, the seat of instincts and feelings. This is olfactotherapy, or the art of welcoming and living one's emotions through the aromas of essential oils.

Sadness, stress, anxiety, difficulties in making choices, creativity, discover how essential oils can accompany you and let yourself be carried away!

In massage, in the form of an aromatic roll-on, in atmospheric diffusion, in a bath*, essential oils accompany all the moments of our lives and help us to better live our emotions.

*Good to know

Essential oil baths should always be done with a natural and alcohol-free dispersant, such as Solubol, as essential oils are not soluble in water.

Soothe a grief with the essential oil of petit grain bigarade

It is the essential oil for wounded hearts, heartache, periods of emotional deprivation or loss.

Its aroma is green, fresh and enveloping. It has a powerful harmonising effect on the emotions, its favourite area.

How to use it?

  • as a massage, diluted at a maximum of 20% in a neutral vegetable oil such as apricot, jojoba, argan or sweet almond oil
  • in an aromatic bathdiluted in Solubol
  • in a recipe for a comforting balm
  • in air diffusion

Find your serenity with lavender

Find your serenity with lavender Harmony and balance, this is the message of lavender. From the Latin, "lavare", which means to wash, it frees from fears, dissolves nervousness, helps to find a feeling of inner peace.

It has a regulating effect on mood swings and emotional instability.

How to use it?

The laurel as an expression of courage

It is the essential oil of courage to be oneself, of confidence in one's abilities, of inspiration. It strengthens the memory and helps to overcome one's limits.

Its deep, penetrating, slightly spicy aroma restores vitality and allows one to pursue one's ideas.

How to use it?

Clarify your thoughts with peppermint

Refreshing, purifying, lively, light, peppermint essential oil stimulates the intellect, promotes clarity of thought and concentration.

It is very useful before an exam, in times of great fatigue, to clear up confusion.

How to use it?

This very powerful essential oil is always used on an ad hoc basis, on adults only.

  • it is used pure, one drop on each temple, taking care to place it at a distance from the eyes
  • in a roll-on, diluted at 0.5% in a neutral vegetable oil, alone or combined with rosemary verbenone essential oil and lemon essential oil for a "concentration" synergy.

Making decisions with angelica

A long-standing medicinal plant, Angelica, also known as "Angelica Herb", gives us an essential oil with a vegetal, slightly peppery and musky aroma with notes of earth and water.

This essential oil is known to help you to be rooted in reality and to make decisions. André Bitsas considers it a remedy for melancholy.

How to use it?

  • as a roll-on on the wrists, to be inhaled deeply. It can also be applied to the solar plexus, the arch of the foot, the neck and the back of the neck.
  • in a bath, diluted with Solubol
  • as a massage, diluted in a neutral vegetable oil at a maximum of 5%.

Soothing anxiety with Roman chamomile

Roman chamomile essential oil is a real gem of aromatherapy to help you live your emotions better. Its luminous scent combines softness, warmth and uplift. It has a deeply calming effect on the emotions, without denying them. It refocuses and promotes balance. It helps people who "drown" in work to let go.

It is also the ally of hypersensitive people, whose difficulties are sometimes revealed by skin problems.

How to use it?

  • this precious essential oil is wonderful as an oleo-parfum, in the form of a roll-on to be applied to the wrists, the solar plexus, the nape of the neck, the trapezius, the stomach when one feels it is "knotted".
  • as a massage oil, diluted at 3% in a neutral vegetable oil, to which fine lavender and/or rose essential oil can also be added to soothe anxiety

To go further

We recommend reading the book written by André Bitsas, aromatherapist and founder of Bioflore "Aromatherapy body and soul" (French version only).

Precautions for use

  • Always observe the precautions for use of essential oils before using them.
  • In general, essential oils should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women and children.
  • Some essential oils are absolutely forbidden in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding and in the presence of babies and young children, such as peppermint.
  • Always follow the recommended dosages and uses.

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