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    Organic Laurel Roll-On

    “The only obstacle to my projects is myself. I know what direction to take, but I feel like I lack the inspiration and the mental strength to put my ideas into practice”. Dilution (3 %) in virgin cold-pressed organic jojoba oil Presented in a 10 ml roll-on bottle for skin use.

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    Botanical family Lauraceae Latin name: Laurus nobilis Essential oil obtained by distillation of the leaf From controlled organic agriculture: Certisys-BE control Presentation The essential oil is infinitely complex: it contains oxides, monoterpenes, monoterpenols, a few phenols, esters, ethers, sesquiterpenes, and many other trace constituents: more than 200 in all! In Mediterranean traditions, laurel symbolises clarity, the ability to act supported by lucidity and knowledge. The laurel impresses and is adorned with all the virtues in Greco-Roman antiquity (it is under the protection of the gods of Olympus). It is associated with the sun, fire, courage and nobility. The Pythia of Delphi used laurel leaves, which favoured the gift of prophecy, the ability to heal and clairvoyance. Hildegard of Bingen described laurel as a panacea. In the Middle Ages, laurel was said to protect against the evil eye, the devil and lightning. Properties See the sheet on 100% essential oil (below). Psycho-emotional level The essential oil of noble laurel is mainly a leaf note. The general purpose of this note is to connect with one's environment, to understand it, to be part of it and to mark it with one's projects and actions. The laurel leaf amplifies the portrait by its persevering and indomitable character. What better ally to serve the hesitant, pusillanimous, self-centred personality. The EO of laurel restores the vital force necessary to pursue an idea... it also and above all allows one to stick to it without weakening. Its project goes far beyond what these basic neurotonics such as ravintsara or sweet marjoram offer us. Laurel is suitable for creators, artists and all those who depend on intuition and inspiration. This is the message of the laurel: no longer be afraid of your shadow, strive for a flawless lucidity and no longer hesitate to explore the great world... under the protection of the Gods. Use Pass the ball applicator over the inner sides of the wrists, rub the wrists together, bring them up to the level of the nostrils and breathe in the aroma several times deeply. Later on, you can apply it to other entry points: hollows of the elbows, solar plexus, neck and nape of the neck, soles of the feet.

    General tonus & Energy
    Avoiding doubt
    Fighting a failing resolution
    Finding the strength to commit from start to finish
    Promote intuition, inspiration, creativity
    Promote lucidity and mental acuity
    React to the difficulty of moving forward



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