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    Emotional balance roll-ons

    Roman Chamomile Roll-On Organic

    “I feel anxious, hyper-sensitive. I don't really know the precise reasons. A diffuse fear never leaves me and prevents me from being lucid and reflective." Dilution (3%) in virgin cold-pressed organic jojoba oil. Presented in a 10 ml roll-on bottle for cutaneous use.

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    • Botanical family Asteraceae
    • Latin name: Chamaemelum nobile
    • Essential oil obtained by distillation of the flowering plant
    • From controlled organic farming: inspection BE-BIO-01

    This asteraceae with its characteristic white flowers produces a rare and precious essential oil. In this respect, it can be compared with the other asteraceae, immortelle. It should not be confused with Ormenis mixta, also known as "wild chamomile" or "Moroccan chamomile", and with true chamomile, or matricaria recutita. The essential oil of Roman chamomile is clear, consisting mainly of esters, monoterpenols, ketones and acids. This last component is very active despite its low representation.

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    The aroma of this essential oil is exceptional: a complex blend of sweetness, warmth and uplift. Roman chamomile essential oil has a profoundly calming effect on the emotions, without dulling them: it refocuses, brings us back into balance and then lifts us up towards greater awareness and lucidity.

    Roman chamomile is unrivalled in helping us to get rid of paralysing feelings: fear, anxiety, permanent worry, resentment, tendency to withdraw, emotional hyper-sensitivity, insecurity rooted in old traumas.

    It is clear that Roman chamomile is not simply de-stressing like true lavender or petit grain bigarade, nor is it directly sedative like matricaria, but that it penetrates deep into our personality.

    Used in this way, it can be extremely effective if emotional difficulties have a visible expression, such as skin problems.

    Pass the ball applicator over the inner sides of the wrists, rub the wrists together, bring them up to the level of the nostrils and breathe in the aroma several times deeply. Later on, you can apply it to other entry points: hollows of the elbows, solar plexus, neck and nape of the neck, soles of the feet.

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