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    Organic May rose solar macerate in jojoba oil

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    A solar maceration of organic May roses in jojoba oil, this treatment is a treasure for all skin types.

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    Solar maceration of organic may roses in organic jojoba oil

    Ingredients: rosa centifolia, simmondsia chinensis

    Part of the plant used: flowers

    Focus on solar maceration: this extraction technique consists of leaving the plant to macerate in oil, in the heat of the sun (without being excessive) but away from the light in a glass jar or a clay pot. After two months of maceration in oil, the plants are pressed with a hand press and the extract is decanted.

    Origin: The May roses are organically grown in France, the organic jojoba oil is biodynamically grown in Tunisia and also pressed in Tunisia 

    May rose sun macerate is a 100% natural and slow beauty care product for all skin types. It combines the benefits of organic jojoba oil and rosa centifolia flowers.

    Soothing, it softens all skin types, especially sensitive skin prone to redness. Its light and penetrating texture leaves the skin soft and velvety while protecting it from dehydration. Astringent, it helps to refine the skin texture and tighten the pores. Regenerating and protective, it helps to fight against the appearance of wrinkles and preserve the skin's youth and radiance.

    This organic May rose macerate can be used on its own on the face and neck as a day and/or night treatment. It is a complete beauty treatment on its own. It delicately perfumes the skin with the wonderful scent of roses.

    This rose macerate can be used on the body as a nourishing and softening scented care, especially for the beauty of the bust.

    Incorporate this macerate into your slow cosmetic recipes to make oily serums for the face, by adding it to other vegetable oils and essential oils adapted to your skin type. You can also use it in your recipes for face masks, moisturising creams in the oil phase, massage oils, nourishing body oils, hair care products, etc.

    External use.

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