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    Organic Orange Blossom Roll-On

    "In my relationships with others, I cannot help but be suspicious and distrustful. My attitudes are distant. Behind my smile there is irony and sadness, as if everything was lost in advance. Dilution (3%) in virgin jojoba oil of first cold pressure and organicPresentation in a 10 ml roll-on bottle for a cutaneous use.

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    Bitter orange flower - synonym: neroli Botanical family Rutaceae Latin name: Citrus aurantium var. amara Essential oil obtained by distillation of the flower From controlled organic farming: inspection BE-Bio-01 Presentation As is often the case with flowers, the distillation yield of orange blossom is low. Great finesse and great price, orange blossom remains a "big name" in aromatherapy. This essential oil comes to us from Morocco, where the hydrosol is also sold. Essential oils extracted from flowers have a very complex biochemistry. Orange blossom is no exception to the rule: monoterpenols (including linalool) dominate but all the other families are present in significant quantities and varieties. Properties See the sheet on 100% essential oil (below). Psycho-emotional level A floral "identity", or note, par excellence. Its antidepressant power can be better understood by analysing the character of orange blossom: expressive, open to the world, capable of revealing and enhancing what is beautiful and good in every encounter. This capacity for elevation that it transmits is anything but naive and disembodied, as it is based on a solid earthly foundation. Orange blossom does not teach us to ignore or forget our shadows, but to integrate and overcome them. The EO of orange blossom makes it possible to open up to the other when there is emotional retraction linked to abuse experienced during childhood or in adulthood, which is constantly being reiterated. Neurotonic without any doubt, insofar as it helps us to recognise and to play down the grudges and sorrows of the past. Use Pass the ball applicator over the inner sides of the wrists, rub the wrists together, bring them up to the level of the nostrils and breathe in the aroma several times deeply. Later on, you can apply it to other entry points: hollows of the elbows, solar plexus, neck and nape of the neck, soles of the feet.

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