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    Vegetal oils

    Organic camelina vegetal oil

    Rich in active ingredients, Organic Camelina oil calms redness, promotes healing and helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

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    • Botanical name: Camelina sativa
    • Botanical family: BrassicaceaePlants 
    • grown in organic agriculture in Spain and France
    • Packaging: 100 ml amber glass bottle
    • Production process: extraction by first cold pressing of camelina seeds
    • INCI: Camelina sativa seed oil
    • Odour: very green, with a note of raw beans
    • Colour: between golden yellow and pale yellow
    • Food and cosmetic grade - do not heat
    • Storage: store in a cool, well-sealed place, away from light. Ideally, keep your bottle refrigerated after opening as this oil is sensitive to oxidation
    • Food grade

    Camelina oil is definitely one of the best oils for sensitive, irritated skin prone to redness. It belongs to the family of soothing oils, like sweet almond oil.

    Camelina, also known as "bastard flax" or "German sesame", is an oil plant that has been cultivated in Europe for more than 3000 years, with pretty little yellow flowers. The oil is extracted from its seeds by first cold pressing in order to preserve all its components.

    Camelina oil is rich in essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6 and 9, which give it interesting properties for cardiovascular and cerebral health when consumed as food.

    In cosmetics, its omega-3 content gives it a powerful anti-inflammatory action. Calming and regenerating, it soothes damaged areas prone to couperose or rosacea.

    Its richness in essential fatty acids and vitamin E promotes cell regeneration and has a healing effect. It will be the ally of damaged, wrinkled, sensitive, dry or prematurely aged skin due to excessive sun exposure.

    Illuminating, it restores radiance to dull and urban skins.

    Suitable for: sensitive, atopic, mature, combination, dry, irritated skin, and for children's care

    How to use it for the natural beauty of the skin?

    Camelina vegetable oil can be used pure or diluted with other vegetable oils.

    Sensitive skin: make an oily serum with camelina vegetable oil, sweet almond oil and calendula macerate, 1/3 of each oil for a very gentle soothing treatment.

    Dry to very dry skin: make a rich and nourishing serum with camelina, argan, borage, plum, wheat germ oils... You can also opt for a balm texture with camelina oil and shea butter.

    Mature skin: combine camelina oil with our regenerating fluid or with argan, rose hip, avocado, rosehip, plum and pomegranate vegetable oils.

    Skin prone to redness, rosacea, couperose: make a serum with 10 ml of camelina oil and 5 drops of Italian immortelle essential oil or 5 drops of cistus essential oil.

    Atopic skin: massage the irritated areas with camelina oil pure or combined with hemp, calendula, argan or shea butter oil.

    In general, camelina oil can be incorporated into all your home cosmetic recipes in the oil phase for example:

    • in a soothing and softening face cream
    • in a soothing, first wrinkle or illuminating serum, combined with organic aloe vera gel
    • one drop in your day cream or daily care fluid

    How to use it for natural hair beauty?

    Used in your hair care products, camelina oil nourishes the hair fibre and provides the hair with its repairing, softening and protective action.

    It is used:

    • in hair oil baths: with avocado, coconut, castor, macadamia, broccoli oils for example
    • in your solid shampoo recipes
    • in your hair balms with shea butter and mango butter

    • Keep out of reach of children
    • In case of anti-coagulant treatment, for food use, ask your doctor for advice

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