Yoga and meditation with essential oils

Yoga and meditation with essential oils

Which essential oil to choose for yoga and meditation?

How to accompany yoga and meditation with essential oils? Discover how aromatherapy can accompany these practices for an immobile journey on the wings of essential oils.

Organic Rhododendron essential oil for meditation

When diffused, it is the ideal essential oil to encourage meditation and letting go. Its floral and woody aroma is an invitation to an inner journey. Calming, soothing, it accompanies meditation sessions in atmospheric diffusion, in synergy with essential oils of sweet orange, frankincense, ginger, ylang-ylang and holy basil.

It also purifies the air in the rooms in which it is diffused.

The roll-ons of emotional balance


the essential oil of frankincense lifts the spirit and gives it height to make it available for meditation. It opens to spirituality and gives access to a mental universe where the worries of everyday life have no place. It dissolves blockages, facilitates detachment and helps to accomplish a passage.


derived from a resin used in Buddhist and Hindu rituals, this essential oil promotes perspective, meditation and introspection. On an emotional level, it brings a feeling of peace and inner unity, and dispels mental agitation. Elemi essential oil lifts the spirit and makes it available. It helps us to perceive our usual environment in a more harmonious way: with our feet on the ground and our head in the stars. It can be used to promote visualisation.


called in the Middle Ages "root of the Holy Spirit" or "angel herb", angelica root offers us an essential oil that amplifies and harmonises the breath, making it an ideal partner for yoga or meditation sessions. With its earthy and watery scent, it combats fears, doubts and anxieties, encourages decision-making and awakens courage.

Juniper hydrosol to purify the body and mind

Throughout the centuries, juniper has always been part of purification and protection rituals. In energetic hydrosol therapy, it is known for its purifying and harmonising action on the body and mind and for dissolving blockages that prevent progress. It can be used as a spray in a room or around oneself. It can also be recommended to therapists to "protect themselves" from their patients, emotionally speaking.

Precautions for use

  • Essential oils in general are not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children.
  • Please always refer to the precautions for use of each essential oil before using it.