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    25 essential oils set + 1 Jojoba Oil

    25 ESSENTIAL OILS SET + 1 HV JOJOBA The perfect aromatherapy beginner's kit! An aromatic set of 25 essential oils chosen for their usefulness in everyday life, their versatility and their relative safety, and organic jojoba oil, widely used in cosmetics and suitable for diluting essential oils.

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    25 ORGANIC* ESSENTIAL OILS SET AND 1 VEGETABLE OIL OF JOJOBA and a leaflet summarising knowledge and practices Certisys-Be organic control, except for copaiba and frankincense (wild harvest) 25 essential oils chosen for their usefulness in everyday life, their versatility and their relative safety. The same criteria apply to organic jojoba oil: suitable for diluting essential oils (friction, massage, oleo-parfum, etc.), with a discreet aroma, but also a high quality natural cosmetic. The leaflet presents a synthesis of the two approaches to aromatherapy, the so-called "scientific" approach and the so-called "subtle" approach. The interest of this basic aromatherapy set The enlightened amateur and the therapist seeking to improve will find confirmation of their knowledge and the opportunity for a wide range of applications. The beginner will facilitate his learning (readings, trainings...) by relying on these standards of aromatherapy. The bottles are stored in compartments. The packing box is a light and compact object (20 x 14 x 7 cm) that can be easily transported. Disclaimer: The leaflet is a summary of knowledge intended to facilitate learning. It is not a list of indications. The composition of this essential oils set cannot be modified. Its price has been calculated as accurately as possible and does not allow any additional discount. Basil 10 ml - Ocimum basilicum, flowering plant Atlas Cedar 10 ml - Cedrus atlantica, wood Lemon 10 ml - Citrus limonum, peel Copaiba 10 ml - Copaifera officinalis, wood Cypress 10 ml - Cupressus sempervirens, leaf Lemon eucalyptus citronné 10 ml - Corymbia citriodora, leaf Wintergreen 10 ml - Gaultheria fragrantissima, leaf Geranium 10 ml - Pelargonium asperum, leaf Clove 10 ml – Syzygum aromaticum, flower bud Immortelle 5 ml - Helichrysum italicum, flower Spike lavender 10 ml - Lavandula latifolia spica, flowering tops Fine Lavender 10 ml - Lavandula angustifolia, flowering tops Sweet marjoram 10 ml - Origanum majorana, flowering tops Peppermint 10 ml - Mentha piperita, flowering tops Niaouli 10 ml - Melaleuca viridiflora, leaf Frankincense 10 ml - Boswelia carterii, aromatic resin Palmarosa 10 ml - Cymbopogon martinii, plant Petitgrain 10 ml - Citrus aurantium, leaf Scots pine 10 ml - Pinus sylvestris, needle Ravintsara 10 ml - Cinnamomum camphora, leaf Rosemary cineole 10 ml - Rosmarinus officinalis cineoliferum, flowering tops Rosemary verbenone 10 ml - Rosmarinus officinalis verbenoniferum, flowering tops Savory 10 ml - Satureia montana, flowering tops Tea tree 10 ml - Melaleuca alternifolia, leaf Spanish sweet thyme 5 ml - Thymus zygis linaloliferum, flowering tops Jojoba 100 ml - Simmondsia chinensis