Benzoin absolute

Benzoin absolute

A slender, wild tree from the mountains of Laos, the Styrax is fond of altitude and humid regions. It produces a gum that is harvested in winter after cutting its trunk: the "tears" thus obtained constitute benzoin. These small pebbles of aromatic resin, extracted with organic alcohol, give us an absolute with vanilla notes, round and warm, very greedy!

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Styrax is a large tree from the Far East whose trunk is cut to collect the resin. This resin is not distilled but impregnated with a solvent. The resulting product, a resinoid, is composed of acids, esters and aldehydes. Its particularity is that it contains vanillin.

Benzoin is used to relieve catarrhal respiratory ailments and against various dermatoses. A particular use is as a protective skin balm for pressure sores and sensitivity to surgical dressings (the mother tincture can also be used for this purpose).

Its aroma is sweet, balsamic, intense and slightly vanilla. Its action on the emotional level is quite similar to that of patchouli: it is suitable for those who, because of their temperament or following emotional shocks, are cut off from their heart and their emotions.

Emotional impact
Seek emotional comfort,  To recover from a state of shock
Olfactory notes
Warm, balsamic
Skin type
Dry skin,  Sensitive skin
Slow cosmétique label
Quiet sleep,  Respiratory comfort,  Stress