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    Organic Orange Blossom Hydrosol

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    Distilled from spring water, this hydrosol with its delicate floral fragrance is an excellent skin tonic. Soothing, balancing and regenerating, it beautifies all skin types and takes care of sensitive skin. Very gentle, it delights children and babies who find calm enveloped in its comforting scent. A natural anti-stress for everyone that soothes and facilitates sleep!

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    • Origin : Morocco 
    • Part used: Flowers 
    • Botanical name: Citrus aurantium / ssp: Citrus aurantium ssp amara
    • Producing organ: the flower
    • 100% pure, natural, preservative-free hydrosol from controlled organic farming - Certisys control pH 4
    • Pleasant, delicate and comforting floral scent
    • Food
    • We advise you to keep your hydrosols in the refrigerator after opening for optimal quality and to use them within 6 months.
    • Calming and anti-stress agent. Soothes the central nervous system without causing torpor. Eliminates the harmful effects of caffeine.
    • Calms agitated babies and children. Helps children with attention deficit disorder. These indications involve both internal and external use.
    • Supports the physical and emotional body during antitoxin and withdrawal treatments.
    • Relieves heartburn and reflux.
    • As a face and body lotion: balancing for all skin types, especially mixed and oily skin. Not suitable for very dry skin (take into account its astringent action), unless mixed with a fine lavender or geranium hydrosol.
    • An excellent skin tonic, alone or in combination, for example with cistus hydrosol.
    • In a mask with clay for the treatment of acne.
    • Recommended for baby care.
    • On the psycho-emotional level, its use is similar to that of Roman chamomile: to regulate emotional outbursts and to calm the nervous system.

    Internal use: 1 to 2 tablespoons in 1 litre of water.

    Skin type
    Dry skin
    Normal skin
    Oily skin
    Sensitive skin
    Wrinkles & fine lines
    mixed skin
    Face concerns
    Blackheads & Enlarged Pores
    Radiance & Brightening of the complexion
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