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    Organic Clary Sage Hydrosol

    Spring water distillation hydrosol - 100% natural - Clary sage hydrosol becomes precious in pre-menopause and menopause. Its energetic action helps to get through pessimistic periods.

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    Origin : France 

    Part used : aerial part

    Salvia sclarea organic hydrosol from controlled organic agriculture - Be-Bio-01 control Average pH 5.6 Somewhat "Earl Gray" smell Stable for 1 year sometimes more: quite capricious in this respect Use Women's hydrosol. Internally, for all problems related to PMS. For regulating the menstrual cycle. Menopause: good response, preferably in combination with sage hydrosol. In face lotion: skin tonic with moisturising, purifying and soothing properties for skin subjected to tensions linked to the female cycle, pre-menopause and menopause. In hair lotion or hair lotion base: strengthens the hair, helps to combat hair loss caused by hormones. The specificity of clary sage is to act simultaneously on the expression of emotions, when there is apprehension, lack of self-confidence, constant pessimism, mental macerations. Warm, light, with a pleasantly animal note, clary sage instils its potential for tranquillity and joy. The energetic action of clary sage is specific to emotional traumas that affect the heart.

    Skin type
    Oily skin
    Wrinkles & fine lines
    blemished skin
    mixed skin
    Face concerns
    Blackheads & Enlarged Pores
    Stimulate growth
    Stop hair loss
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