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    Mom-to-be routines

    Mom-to-be routine - Face & Body

    A moisturizing and luminous routine, without essential oils, that is suitable for all skin types and safe during pregnancy.

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    For the face: a cleansing oil, Damask rose hydrosol, rosehip oil. For the body, to prevent stretch marks: shea butter and avocado oil.


    1. In the morning, simply cleanse the skin with a hydrosol-soaked washable cotton pad.
    2. Apply the “Douceur & Equilibre” Cream all over your face and neck. If your skin is very dry, add a few drops of rosehip oil to your cream.


    1. Cleanse your face with our "Douceur" cleansing oil.
    2. Then apply your hydrosol to tone and soften the skin.
    3. Apply a few drops of rosehip vegetable oil to your face and neck.
    4. Alternately apply shea butter or avocado oil to prevent stretch marks on the stomach, chest and thighs. Then put on clothes that are "safe", as these products are very greasy.