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    Roos bio plantenpoeder 50g

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    Verzachtend, regenererend, bekend om het voorkomen van rimpels en het verzachten van de tekenen van veroudering.

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    • Botanical name: Rosa damascena
    • Botanical family: Rosaceae
    • Part of the plant used: flowers
    • Plants cultivated in organic farming in Morocco and harvested by hand
    • Quality: food
    • Best before date: 3 years
    • Granulometry <300 microns="" p="">
    • Packaging : Sachet of 50g of powder

    Considered the "queen of flowers" from time immemorial, the Damask rose is a true treasure of natural beauty, with an intense, floral and intoxicating fragrance. This powder is made from hand-picked Damask roses grown in organic farming in Morocco, whose petals have been carefully dried and then finely ground to obtain this powder with a sublime purple colour, rich in tannins and gallic acid with antioxidant properties.

    Known to fight against the signs of ageing, Damask rose powder provides its soothing effects to the skin while helping to prevent wrinkles and firm the skin. It gently envelops all skin types and particularly sensitive, mature, dull and tired skin.

    How to use it for the skin?

    • as a soothing and regenerating mask for the face, combined with white clay, rhassoul or other organic plant powders
    • in a gentle scrub recipe, with white clay and a very gentle plant exfoliant such as almond kernel powder for example
    • as an oily macerate, as a beauty oil for the face or integrated into a recipe for home cosmetics
    • in lotion, after making an aqueous maceration by macerating the powder in water for 24 hours and then filtering

    With its floral, harmonising and intoxicating fragrance, this powder will perfume all your hair care products.

    How to use it for your hair?

    • in your recipes for plant shampoos in paste form, combined with other plant powders, rhassoul or clays
    • in your dry shampoo recipes, with other plant powders or clays
    • as an aqueous macerate for your scented rinsing lotions
    • as an oily macerate for divine-scented hair beauty oils!
    • Rose powder is very active, we advise you to always use it mixed with other powders and to do a test in the elbow fold 48 hours before use to check that no reaction occurs
    • not recommended for the first three months of pregnancy
    • keep out of reach of children

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