3 steps to regain beautiful hair

3 steps to regain beautiful hair

Have you gone natural with your hair? When you do, the results are truly impressive. Plant-based care transforms the hair in depth. As the months go by, the hair regains its true nature. Stronger, thicker, it falls out less. In 3 steps, wrap your hair with plants!

Step 1: Hair oil

Once a week, before shampooing, massage the scalp with our masque capillaire Biotonic. This synergy of strengthening oils tones the scalp, stimulates hair growth and balances the scalp. Massage a few drops of the product onto the scalp with the fingertips, moving the skin of the head. Leave the treatment on for 20 minutes to overnight under a towel.

Step 2: the plant-based powder mask

After the oil treatment and before shampooing, leave a plant-based powder mask on for 20 minutes. Mix 1/3 nettle powder, 1/3 orange powder and 1/3 marshmallow powder with a teaspoon of hydrolysed wheat protein and 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Add enough warm water to your mixture to form a smooth paste and apply to the entire scalp. Rinse off the mask with your regular shampoo.

Step 3: Daily moisturising

Moisturize your hair by massaging the tips with a dab of aloe vera gel and 1 drop of silk protein to smooth frizz and care for the lengths. If your hair is very dry, you can massage your lengths with a few drops of argan oil.

Extra hint

If you're about to go natural, consider a hair detox. To do this, massage your hair regularly with coconut oil, followed by a clay (green or white) and rhassoul mask, with a drop of jojoba oil added. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse with your usual natural shampoo. This will help your hair get rid of chemical dyes and other silicone residues.

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