5 skin care products that change the skin

5 skin care products that change the skin

Blemishes, enlarged pores, redness, uneven skin texture... Sometimes your skin just can't cope and you don't know which "miracle" product to turn to.

We share with you the 5 saviours that we have identified through all our years of advice, simple, natural skincare products that really help the skin to get better.

Rosehip vegetable oil (CO2 extract)

Even if miracles do not exist in cosmetics, this oil is really incredible. It is THE treatment to recommend when you don't know what to put on your skin. Acne, wrinkles, fatigue, sensitivity, redness: it harmonises all skin types.

Applied in the evening, the results can be seen the next morning.

Shea butter

It is the saviour of crocodile skin, damaged, chapped, tight and uncomfortable skin.

Soothing, intensely nourishing, protective, you should always have a jar of shea on your bedside table!

Apply generously to dry areas, face, hands and very dry hair.


This cleansing clay is magical for cleaning the skin instead of soap.

Both gentle and purifying, it cleanses without irritating acne-prone, sensitive and combination to oily skin. Rhassoul is also perfect as a replacement for your usual shampoo, once a week.

Aloe vera gel

An essential that needs no introduction, to be used alone when the skin is irritated, damaged, during acne outbreaks or as a simple moisturiser.

It is also a wonderful tightening serum that helps to restore firmness to stressed and tired skin.

Seville lavender essential oil

The ally of problem or irritated skin: acne, eczema, impetigo... for which it provides a less drying alternative to tea tree.

Healing, regenerating, skin tonic, it also accompanies anti-wrinkle treatments!

Finally, pure, it also relieves cold sores.

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