Facial scrub cream to do at home

Facial scrub cream to do at home

This very gentle cream removes dead cells and impurities without dehydrating the face for a fresh and luminous complexion. It is ideal for gentle exfoliation of delicate skin.

Ingredients for 50 g

  • One jar of 50 g "Douceur et Equilibre" cream
  • 1.5 g organic apricot kernel powder scrub


  • a mini whisk


  1. Clean and disinfect equipment, utensils, work surfaces and hands.
  2. Pour the almond kernel powder into the 50g "Douceur et Equilibre" cream.
  3. Mix with the mini whisk.


Apply the scrubbing cream to a clean, dry face and rinse with clear water.

Your exfoliating cream can be stored for one month in a dark and cool place.