Summer complexion prolonged, luminous tips

Summer complexion prolonged, luminous tips

After a sun-soaked summer, we dream of prolonging the sun's radiance on our skin and the healthy glow. We share our tips on how to keep your tan from turning grey and maintain a natural glow: gentle exfoliation, anti-fatigue mask and perfect hydration. For a bright start to autumn.

1 - Daily care for a healthy glow

We recommend the organic rosehip oil to all skin types without exception! It gives a healthy tan, promotes healing, prevents wrinkles, balances and soothes redness. Rich in carotenoids, it prolongs the tan after the summer while helping the skin to regenerate.

Use as a daily facial treatment, morning and/or evening. Apply a few drops to your clean face and massage gently into the skin. This oil is non-comedogenic and suitable even for acne-prone skin.

2 - A dose of moisture

The skin is often dehydrated after the summer. To avoid tightness, pimples and a tired complexion, there is only one thing to do: moisturise! The Moisturising and Replumping Organic Serum with hyaluronic acid quenches the skin's thirst, calms and plumps. Its freshness and anti-fatigue effect is immediate.

Apply a few drops of this serum to the whole face, before your day care, morning and evening.

3 - Weekly anti-fatigue mask

A good habit to adopt: make a face mask once a week to take care of your skin in depth.

For an immediate radiance and healthy glowour radiance face mask combines rose, hibiscus and pink clay powders that bring their antioxidant properties to the skin and illuminate the complexion. This mask is applied once a week for a radiant, balanced and relaxed skin.

4 - Gentle exfoliation

In order to remove dead cells and promote cell renewal, opt for a gentle exfoliation once a week.

The following is a recipe for a very gentle exfoliating cream to remove impurities without dehydrating the face. The result is a fresh and radiant complexion. This recipe is ideal for a soft exfoliation of delicate skins.

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