The aroma kit for sporty people

The aroma kit for sporty people

Before or after exercise, our aromatherapy advice for taking care of yourself and gently accompanying your sports activities with essential oils, hydrosols and massage oils.

1- Prepare your muscles to effort

Before sport, massage your muscles with our massage oil La Souplesse du félin or with an oily macerate of arnica.
These treatments will warm up and support the vitality of the muscles while favouring the flexibility of the joints.

The synergy of essential oils in La souplesse du félin also acts on the mental level by stimulating energy and the strength to act.
The essential oil of lavandin super, diluted in a neutral vegetable oil, can also help to prepare the muscles and relax muscles and cramps after sport, thanks to its analgesic properties.

2- Avoid aches and pains after sport

We take out our bottle of La Souplesse du félin massage oil which acts before and after sport. It is really THE treatment approved by all our sports enthusiasts as a must-have with an impressive efficiency.

Formulated with arnica and essential oils of wintergreen, peppermint and lavandin super, this massage oil provides an anti-inflammatory and soothing action to the muscles and joints. This synergy will promote recovery after sports effort.

To relieve cramps after an intense effort, exotic basil essential oil can also be used diluted in a vegetable oil and massaged into the painful areas.

For a gentler treatment, prefer arnica macerate in gentle, relaxing massages on sore muscles. Soothing, restorative, rich in anti-inflammatory active ingredients, this treatment is ideal as a base for a comforting massage oil for sportsmen and women.

3- Refresh and regain light legs

Ideal after an intense sports session, peppermint hydrosol brings its refreshing action by misting on all heated areas, aching muscles and heavy legs.
Its circulatory and toning action helps to restore light and dynamic legs.

4- Relieve small injuries

A small bottle that relieves bruises and bumps but also sprains and strains... The Pare-bleus essential oil synergy provides its circulatory, decongestant, anti-inflammatory and soothing action to frequent small injuries related to sports.

5- And for pregnant women?

To avoid treatments rich in essential oils, pregnant women can opt for a macadamia vegetable oil, to be used in a massage after sports effort on the stressed areas. This oil has a gentle effect on circulation and muscle pain.

During pregnancy, you can also massage yourself after exercise with lavender oil macerate, which has a soothing and relaxing effect.

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