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    Essential Oils

    Organic Thyme Linalool Essential Oil

    A typical plant of the Mediterranean scrubland, common thyme has been used since Antiquity in many rites, as well as in cooking to enhance the flavour of dishes. A chemotype of the thyme repertoire, with particularly sweet notes, this essential oil will seduce you with its scent, reminiscent of the delicate Rosewood, but with a distinct hint of character.

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    Quality Botanical family: Lamiaceae Latin name: Thymus vulgaris linaloliferum or Thymus vulgaris CT linalool Other names: Common thyme, Common thyme, Farigoule Origin: France Cultivation: Controlled organic agriculture - Certisys-BE1 control Distilled part: Flowering tops Production process: Steam distillation Quality: 100% pure, natural and chemotyped Olfactory notes: sweet, linalool Main constituents Monoterpenols: linalool (83%) Esters: linalyl acetate (6%) Phenols: traces Our opinion A "light" version of one of the most powerful essential oils in the repertoire, as if tailor-made for children and sensitive people. Its yield remains low and its price is systematically affected. Use sparingly. Precautions for use Do not use during the first 3 months of pregnancy. As linalool is potentially allergenic, perform the elbow test as a precaution. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

    General tonus & Energy
    Natural defences
    Respiratory comfort
    Small winter ailments
    urinary discomforts
    Skin type
    blemished skin
    Olfactory notes
    Emotional impact
    Expressing oneself when one is withdrawn, mute
    Slow cosmétique label