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    Organic vegetable cocoa butter 100g paste

    We have chosen this new organic cocoa butter paste for its high quality. With its delicious raw cocoa scent, it remains, just like our cocoa butter flakes, a nourishing active ingredient!

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    Theobroma cacao Product from controlled organic farming, inspection BE-BIO-01 Active ingredient This pure cocoa butter is rich in fatty acids, polyphenols, natural vitamin E, theobromine and caffeine. It is a nourishing and softening active ingredient. It is suitable for the care of dry, "tight", mature and wrinkled skin. Cocoa butter is hard at room temperature. It is therefore best used as a balm or as an ingredient in an emulsion. Balm: melt a variable amount of cocoa butter, up to 80%, in vegetable oil heated in a bain-marie. It is easy to combine with anti-ageing plant oils such as argan, rose hip or jojoba. Mix the two ingredients well and allow to cool. You can add up to 0.2% vitamin E (tocopherol). Emulsion: melt up to 5% of cocoa butter in the oil phase. In the past, cocoa butter was also used as a basis for making suppositories. However, this natural basis is still valid. In this case, it is useful to have a suppository mould.

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