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Vade Retro ! Organic synergy

A synergy of organic essential oils to chase away insects.

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Citronella essential oil alone is often not enough to protect against invasive insects. This complete synergy guarantees excellent protection against a large number of insects. In some latitudes, the certainty of effective protection becomes an absolute necessity. How to use it? In diffusion, provided that the system guarantees a sufficient concentration of the active ingredients in the ambient air: diffusion stone but also and above all nebulisation, either ultrasonic or "venturi". - Add a few drops to the rinse water of your clothes - Try the formula on crawling insects too: for example, by placing a few drops in the path of ants. They will soon give up the game without you having to destroy them. 100 % organic EO : Eucalyptus citriodora*, Cymbopogon martinii*, Pelargonium asperum*, Eugenia caryophyllus*, Mentha piperita*, Cedrus atlantica*, Citrus sinensis*. Certisys control BE-BIO-01

Slow cosmétique label



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