How to relieve anxieties?

How to relieve anxieties?

Our advice on how to soothe yourself with plants and aromatherapy when an anxiety attack overwhelms you.

Tip n°1

In case of crisis, apply Roman chamomile essential oil to the wrists, neck and solar plexus. Pure or with our Roman chamomile roll-on.

Tip n°2

Dilute one teaspoon of orange blossom hydrosol in a glass of cool or half-warm water.

Tip n°3

Apply a drop of fine lavender or ylang-ylang essential oil to each wrist and breathe deeply.

Tip n°4

Concentrate on your breathing, paying attention only to the in and out for a few minutes, to calm the breath and heart rate.

Tip n°5

Think of diffusing citrus essences or essential oils from citrus leaves: red mandarin, pink or white grapefruit, combava petitgrain, clementine petitgrain...

Tip n°6

The best anti-anguish essential oils: Roman chamomile, ylang-ylang, petitgrain bigarade, fine lavender.

These tips are meant for adults only. For the youngest, you can think of orange blossom hydrolate

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