Exams, our anti-stress advice with essential oils!

Exams, our anti-stress advice with essential oils!

Intense fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, discouragement, stomach aches linked to stress, exams can be a trying time on a physical and moral level. Aromatherapy is then a real companion with many effective essential oils to facilitate concentration, self-confidence, calm down and fight against insomnia. All the advice in this dossier also works for important moments in professional life: job interviews, competitions, public speaking, overwork...


before using any essential oil, refer to the precautions for use of each one. The advice below does not apply to children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, the elderly, the sick, asthmatics or epileptics. Do not hesitate to ask your health professional for advice or to refer to reference books on aromatherapy.

Step 1: essential oils for concentration, memory and clear thinking

Organic peppermint essential oil

with its fresh and invigorating leaf fragrance, this essential oil promotes concentration, helps to keep a clear head and dispels headaches.

It is used: by breathing it directly above the bottle, on the temples, taking care to stay away from the eyes, 1 drop on a handkerchief or in a pocket inhaler, to be inhaled as soon as the need arises.

Organic rosemary cineole essential oil

it promotes memory and concentration, ideal before an exam, a test or a job interview. Its fresh and airy aroma facilitates breathing, blood circulation and mental alertness!

It can be used: as an aromatic diffusion, combined with organic lemon essential oil for example, or directly over the bottle, by cupping your hands and breathing in deeply.

Organic saro essential oil:

ideal for starting the day with a 'sharpened' mind, as André Bitsas says, and for resisting stress and pressure.

It is used: in the morning, under the soles of the feet before putting on your socks, 2 drops under each arch of the foot. You can also put 1 drop of pure essential oil on each wrist and inhale deeply.

Step 2: essential oils for self-confidence and self-improvement

Organic Noble laurel essential oil

this is the essential oil par excellence for boosting self-confidence, surpassing oneself, facilitating speaking and the clear enunciation of ideas, while promoting perseverance. Its exceptional composition makes it a powerful regulator of the nervous system, with an energizing and neurotonic effect.

Use it: 1 drop of pure essential oil on each wrist, to be breathed in deeply or by applying our organic laurel roll-on on the wrists, before a test, an oral or an interview.

Organic marjoram essential oil

it is an excellent neurotonic, it calms anxiety without exciting the nervous system but by bringing balance to move forward with serenity!

It is used: in atmospheric diffusion or in a pocket inhaler

Synergy - Concentration and confidence for exams roll-on

Mix all the ingredients in a 10 ml roll-on and apply to the wrists before an exam, oral or interview. 

Step 3: essential oils to combat stress and insomnia

Organic Roman chamomile essential oil

has a profoundly calming effect on the emotions, anchors us in the present, relieves anxiety and facilitates sleep.

It is used: in the evening, by applying our organic Roman chamomile roll-on to the wrists, the nape of the neck and the solar plexus or diluted in a body massage oil

Organic fine lavender essential oil

with its inimitable aroma, this major essential oil harmonises the nervous system and prepares you for a restful sleep.

It is used: diluted in a vegetable oil for a soothing massage in the evening before going to bed or as an air diffusion in the bedroom, 15 minutes before going to sleep.

Recipe - Anti-stress roll-on

Mix all ingredients in a 10 ml roll-on bottle. Put it in your bag and apply it to your wrists as soon as you feel the need!

A drink to fall asleep peacefully:

pour a teaspoon of orange blossom hydrosol into a cup of hot water, to be drunk like an herbal tea (adding honey if you wish).

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