Fresh care in June

Fresh care in June

Vibrant heat, the good times are here. To refresh the skin on hot days, we have selected plant-based skin care products with an "ice cube" effect, designed to lower the temperature.

Peppermint hydrosol

A scent of crumpled leaves and an instant freshness effect. Spray on the face, body and heavy legs to tone them up. It can also be sprayed at any time of the day to refresh and diluted in water for a sugar-free menthol drink: 1 tablespoon of hydrosol for 1 litre of water.

Aloe vera gel

A gel with a frosted effect on the skin if kept in the refrigerator. Ideal for soothing the skin, moisturising it, calming sunburn and small insect bites. It can also be used to soothe the skin after waxing.

The deodorant kit

Everything you need to make a fresh and effective deodorant that will fight against bad odours thanks to the purifying essential oil of palmarosa. It also contains aloe vera gel to soothe the skin.

Light leg massage oil

An oil to be massaged into the legs to tone them and regain a feeling of lightness. Its synergy of essential oils brings freshness and tone to the whole body!

Lime, grapefruit, peppermint*

Essential oils with tangy and vegetal scents to be used in diffusion to refresh the atmosphere and bring their energizing benefits.

*Caution: never use more than 15% peppermint in a diffusion (dilute it with milder essential oils) and never in the presence of children under 6 years old.

Blackcurrant and monarda hydrosols

A duo of botanical waters with gourmand and summery scents to refresh the skin or to make thirst-quenching drinks: 1 teaspoon in a glass of cool water or 1 teaspoon in a 1L flask to drink throughout the day. Lots of coolness on you and nice barefoot walks in the fields!

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