Provence lavandin grosso

Provence lavandin grosso

While lavenders grow spontaneously, lavandins are crosses between species, reproduced by cuttings. Cultivated for its pretty mauve flowers, this Lavandin grosso gives an essential oil that comes from a beautiful estate in the South of France. Appreciated in particular for perfuming soaps and other care products, it is both fresh and delicately camphorated.

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Stress, difficulty falling asleep, insomnia, lavandin grosso essential oil is renowned for its relaxing and calming action. Its fresh and camphorated lavender aroma dissolves tensions in atmospheric diffusion, massage or in a relaxing bath. A companion for sportsmen and women, it is known for its relaxing action on sore muscles.

Lavandin grosso is a hybrid, resulting from natural pollination, between lavandula angustifolia (fine lavender) and lavandula latifolia spica (spike lavender). Its rich flowering tops ensure a good yield of essential oil, making it less rare and expensive than some other lavenders - the family is large!

This essential oil is traditionally grown in Provence and the Drôme Provençale, in France.

  • diluted in a vegetable oil of sesame, apricot or jojoba at a maximum of 10%, it can be used to massage sore muscles after sport
  • diluted in an oily macerate of arnica, for massage after physical effort
  • in air diffusion to calm stress, tensions, facilitate sleep and avoid insomnia, in synergy with essential oils of mandarin, sweet orange, petit grain bigarade
  • in a roll-on, diluted to a maximum of 20% in apricot, jojoba, sweet almond or sesame oil, to be applied to the temples in the event of migraines, avoiding the eye area
  • in a relaxing bath, diluted in solubol (10 drops of essential oil for 40 drops of solubol)

  • to purify acne-prone skin

Slow cosmétique label
Muscular comfort,  Quiet sleep,  Stress,  relax