Taking care of yourself with footbaths

Taking care of yourself with footbaths

We often forget to pamper our feet, although they are our "roots"! Footbaths are an easy way to take care of yourself and to act on your whole body.

Very relaxing, footbaths with essential oils warm you up and help prevent the little aches and pains of winter. There are several ways to enjoy them and there are many variations: oils, essential oils, vegetable oils, salts and plant powders can enrich your foot bath for a personalised treatment.

Warming and anti-cold footbath

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of mustard powder to be diluted in a basin of warm (but not hot) water. Dip your feet in the hot water for 15 minutes.

Mustard powder has the particularity of warming because it stimulates blood circulation and decongests the upper respiratory tract in case of colds and congested sinuses. An ally for the cold season!

Footbath Immunity for winter


Tips for a successful salt footbath:

  • In a bowl, mix the vegetable oil and the essential oils;
  • Add the handful of Dead Sea salt and mix well to soak up the salt
  • Pour the salt into your basin of hot water and stir
  • Sit back with a good book or just enjoy the moment for 15 minutes!

Our "Immunity" synergy brings together several essential oils that help strengthen the immune system and fight against minor winter ailments.

Relaxing footbath

Follow the same advice as the previous recipe for the implementation.


Toning footbath for heavy legs

Follow the instructions in the "Immunity for Winter" foot bath recipe


You can also replace all of the essential oils and calophyllum oil with 1 heaping tablespoon of our "Pure Blood" synergy.

Extra tip: after drying your feet, massage your feet with a small amount of our neutral body lotion and add 1 drop of organic angelica essential oil. This essential oil stimulates the blood circulation and, on a psycho-emotional level, favours the rooting and the desire to move forward.

Purifying foot bath

A fresh and pleasant treatment to remove odours from our little feet.

Follow the implementation advice given above.


A variation: a deodorant bath with vinegar

Mix the vinegar with the powder and add it to the hot water.

Aromatic bath to relax the feet after sport

A footbath to relax muscles after exercise and combat cramps and pain.



The advice shared in this article is not a substitute for medical advice and is intended for adults only. Before using essential oils, always read their precautions for use.

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