Clotilde's beauty routine

Clotilde's beauty routine

My morning routine for combination skin, very sensitive, reactive

In the morning, I clean my face with a cotton pad soaked in Roman chamomile hydrosol.

Then I apply in summer-spring the raspberry oil (my favourite of all) and in autumn-winter the "Neutre douceur et équilibre" cream improved with rose geranium and Roman chamomile essential oil to soothe my rosacea on the cheeks.

I spray rosemary verbenone hydrosol on my hair before combing it to give my waves some life.

I use a homemade deodorant made from witch hazel hydrosol, aloe vera gel, baking soda and patchouli essential oil in a roll-on.

My gentle evening care routine

In the evening I clean my face by massaging my skin with camelina vegetable oil and then I apply an orange blossom hydrosol.

From time to time I apply a small mixture for my couperose based on macadamia and calophylla oil, and essential oils of cypress, helichrysum, cistus, lentisque and katrafay.

To counteract the little pimples that appear here and there, I just apply a drop of fluid "Peau nette" to the pimples before going to sleep. 

The small pleasures

From time to time I love to make a face mask with pink clay, the only one my skin doesn't react to and which really soothes me.

I often prepare it with orange blossom hydrosol. In summer, my secret weapon is to spray peppermint hydrosol, the only thing that relieves my heavy legs.

Clotilde is a herbalist, she works on a thousand projects at Bioflore: from communication to gardens! She is the one who takes the pretty pictures of our universe.

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