Thomas' care routine

Thomas' care routine

I have normal, comfortable skin, so my routine is quite minimalist.

  • In the morning, I spray my face with Roman chamomile hydrosol and gently blot it with a cotton wool pad.
  • Then I apply a few drops of organic regenerating fluid, or a small dose of Douceur et Equilibre neutral cream when I feel that my skin is a little tight (rather in winter). I finish with a mist of rosemary verbenone hydrosol on my hair, which is a tonic and purifier of the scalp.
  • After a day's work, I like to spray peppermint hydrosol on my face for its refreshing, reviving effect, which helps to clear the mind and chase away fatigue. In the evening, I shower with the mildest soap.
  • From time to time, I take care of my beard with a mixture of argan and mustard vegetable oils and cedar essential oil.
  • Before going to sleep, I wipe my face with a cotton pad soaked in orange blossom hydrosol.

  • My favourite essential oil: lime, just breathing it in puts me in a good mood!

Thomas is in charge of production at Bioflore and coordinates the laboratory team to ensure the availability of our products. He lovingly prepares the Bioflore synergies and is also in charge of packaging the cosmetic ingredients.

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