Iris' care routine

Iris' care routine

I have mixed and sensitive skin, with a tendency to dehydration. I also think I have a slight atopic tendency with occasional small patches of eczema.

  • In the morning, I spray my face with cornflower hydrosol after the shower. Then I apply a dab of aloe vera gel, like a serum, and a few drops of plum vegetable oil on top.
  • I also like to use cornflower hydrosol spray to set make-up.
  • In the evening, I remove my face and eyes with a cotton pad soaked in cornflower hydrosol and jojoba oil. After this step, I clean my face with the universal cleanser for a perfect double-cleanse. Then I apply a spray of helichrysum hydrosol to calm and prevent redness, and massage a few drops of calendula oily macerate onto my face.

My favourites: plum vegetable oil and calendula oily macerate!

Iris is one of the fairies of our customer service, she is the one who answers your emails, your questions and your needs for advice with Sarah.

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