Natural solutions for blemished skin

Natural solutions for blemished skin

What are the solutions to get rid of acne naturally? Find out the natural anti-acne routines to get rid of acne with essential oils, clays, vegetable oils and hydrosols.

Juvenile acne, hormonal acne, acne linked to stress, pollution or an unsuitable diet, acne does not stop with the end of adolescence and it affects more and more adults.

If it is important to define its origin in order to treat it properly, it is also necessary to set up a natural routine that is adapted, gentle and effective, to be followed for several months to appreciate the results.

With the right ingredients, gentleness, and attention to lifestyle, it is possible to regain a clear and healthy skin. Follow the guide for a new skin!

Step 1: A good cleaning of the skin, the "double-cleaning".

Start by removing make-up from your skin with a vegetable oil of jojobaapricot or avocado, massaging it gently to loosen impurities, then rinse with water. Then clean your skin a second time with an ultra-gentle cleanser. For teenage acne, this treatment can be supplemented with purifying essential oils (manuka, tea tree, lavender).

Step 2 : A purifying hydrosol

In the morning, cleanse your skin with a little hydrosol sprayed on a cotton pad. Your skin doesn't need much cleansing if the double-cleansing ritual has been applied the night before.

In the evening, after double-cleansing, spray a little hydrosol on your face, leave for a minute and dry the excess with a clean towel before applying your night care.

Our best hydrosols to fight acne: laurel, lavender, savory, rosemary, rose otto.

Favorite: Roman chamomile hydrosol, which soothes both the skin and the emotions (which can be reflected on our skin through acne!)

Step 3: A vegetable oil to balance and purify the skin

In the morning and evening, apply a balancing plant oil to regulate and purify the skin.

The best vegetable oils for blemished skin: black cumin (always diluted in another vegetable oil), jojoba, hazelnut.

Our favourite: rosehip vegetable oil to help skin with imperfections to heal and promote skin regeneration.

The right things to do:

Organic aloe vera gel

Applied as a serum or mask to moisturise, soothe and purify the skin. Do not hesitate to apply it every day under your skin care oil.

The steam bath

Once a week (unless your skin is prone to couperose), take a steam bath to open the pores and cleanse the skin thoroughly. In a bowl filled with hot water, add two tablespoons of a purifying hydrosol and do not hesitate to add dry plants such as thyme, rosemary, savory.

The clay mask

Make a Montmorillonite green clay mask with a little black cumin or hazelnut vegetable oil and a few drops of purifying essential oils. Leave it on your face for 5 to 10 minutes, without letting the clay dry on your skin! If your skin is very sensitive or dehydrated, prefer white or pink clay.


Natural skin care products work over time to deeply modify the skin, so be regular and persistent in your care by applying them over several months to observe a real change in your skin.

Healthy living

Don't hesitate to consult a naturopath to accompany your "external" treatments with internal treatments to detoxify the skin and promote hormonal and intestinal balance.

What not to do:

pawing at your skin all day long pierce its buttons

Don't forget:

remember to disinfect your laptop regularly in case of an acne outbreak, change your towels and pillowcases regularly

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