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    Emotional balance roll-ons

    "Jardin zen" Roll-on

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    Soothe stress, anxiety and worry at any time with this roll-on with 7 organic essential oils, with a delicate and soothing scent. In this Zen garden, mandarin, grapefruit and petitgrain leaves soothe you and relieve tension. Alongside them, wood and roots of Scots pine and vetiver anchor you to the ground. Serenity and balance are restored!

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    This roll-on combines effectiveness with a particularly harmonious and well-crafted scent, for an immediate anti-stress effect.

    • INCI: Sesamum indicum seed oil*, Linalool**, Citrus aurantium amara leaf oil*, Citrus reticulata peel oil*, Lavandula angustifolia oil*, Cinnamomum camphora linalooliferum wood oil*, Pinus syelvestris leaf oil*, Citrus paradisi peel oil*, Vetiveria zizanoides root oil*, Limonene**, Geraniol**,Citronellol**, Citral**
      *From organic farming
      **Present in essential oils
    • Packaging: 5 ml roll-on bottle
    • Storage: keep in a cool place, away from light

    Ideal for regaining calm in stressful situations, calming the jitters, fears and moments of anxiety, this beneficial roll-on with its delicate scent will support you every day.

    Synergy of 7 organic essential oils, this roll-on has been formulated by our team of aromatherapists and herbalists to help manage stress and prevent sleep. Its synergy of essential oils promotes a state of calm and full consciousness at the same time.

    Its essential oils under the microscope:

    Essence of Red Mandarin
    Deliciously fruity, lively and acidic, a scent of childhood and innocence. Very relaxing, it helps to free oneself from stress and brightens the mood.

    Petitgrain Essential Oil
    Fresh, green, enveloping scent of orange leaves. It soothes, comforts, reassures and relieves nervous and emotional tension.

    True lavender essential oil
    It is impossible to create an anti-stress roll-on without incorporating the blue magic of True Lavender. A major anti-stress agent in aromatherapy, it promotes well-being and balance. It is soothing and also promotes creativity. A queen of aromatherapy with a soft, floral and luminous scent.

    Grapefruit essence
    Citrus paradisii, a scent of paradise, zesty, fruity and radiant. This essential oil invites us to exist fully, to radiate and to express our potential of life.

    Scots Pine essential oil
    This large coniferous tree offers us an oxygenating essential oil, with resinous, delicately lemony fragrances that bring verticality and anchoring. Relaxing, it provides a soothing breath, restoring energy and optimism.

    Hô wood essential oil
    Fresh, floral and delicately woody, it envelops us in a cocoon of comforting softness. It helps to chase away sadness and discouragement.

    Vetiver essential oil
    With its scent of humus, earth and roots, this is an anti-stress essential oil, ideal for encouraging rooting, i.e. being present to oneself and to one's environment.

    These essential oils are diluted in a base of organic sesame oil for a safe application adapted to the greatest number.

    This roll-on is suitable for adults and children over 12 years of age. Due to the presence of essential oils, we do not recommend it for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

    This roll-on was created and manufactured by the herbalists of our laboratory Bioflore in Belgium.

    This roll-on allows you to easily benefit from the advantages of olfactotherapy thanks to an active synergy of essential oils in a vegetable oil base.

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    • Apply it to the wrists and breathe deeply as soon as you feel the need
    • Apply to the solar plexus for deep relaxation
    • For total relaxation, you can also apply it to the soles of the feet
    • Keep out of reach of children
    • For external use only
    • Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women or children under 12 years of age
    • Avoid contact with the eyes
    • Do not use in case of allergy to any of the ingredients

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